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Our company was founded in 2012 specialising in riding school activity. Since that time we have gained valuable experience in catering too. We developed our family-run enterprise to provide equestrian and sport-wellness recreation facilities (squash, tennis, sauna, massage) for the foreign guests too. This was inspired by the untouched and unique natural environment which can be found in the heart of Hungary in Dabas and its surroundings. It is the meeting point of the two ’worlds’: the famous hungarian grassy Plain (puszta), and the marshy meadows. You can discover the local flora and fauna on horseback and meet some special species. Our equestrian club is located only 45 min far away from the capital city Budapest.
We would like to offer you such a unique vacation which combines the breathtaking natural and built environment, the riding holiday, and the wellness services all in one package. With one short sentence:“ADVENTURES ON HORSEBACK”

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Riding Holidays all year round: in summer and winter!
We can provide a placement of your horse in our stable from your home country. So you can plain your individual holiday in Hungary also with your own horse!

Dániel Kosztolányi
tour organizer
Hungary-2370 Dabas
Bercsényi u.11.